Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heart and soul. Its a priceless commodity. It keeps people going and it keeps people determined to reach new heights. But what should we do if we lose heart?

What if we lose passion about something?

What if we're so sick of doing something till we can't face it in the face anymore?

Easy. Go do something else. Who says life needs to be so complicated? ahaha

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can we be totally honest in this world? It's hard ain't it? Honesty comes at a price and sometimes people are not always prepared to pay it.

What is honesty and what does it comprise? Honesty is simply telling the truth. When people ask you a question, you give them the answer. Seems simple but its harder than it looks.

Honesty is never overrated. But people don't generally stick to it because it is easier to do otherwise. Honesty invites repercussions and questions. However some might feel that however hard it is, we should stick to it because 'honesty is the best policy'. But in the long run, is this really the case?

The big challenge to me is not by being honest, but by knowing how to be honest. Everyone has their own style, and their own individualities in place that to be honest from person to person is difficult. Of course unlocking the key to every personality is the key to do anything. Maybe that is the reason people avoid being honest: It is because to be honest and not break someone's soul, you have to know how to do so. We have to think about the receiving end of things, and people are too absorbed in their lives to bother about that cumbersome thought. So therefore, the solution is to not be honest at all rather than be an honest asshole.

Another thing about being honest is this: Many people have the desire to be honest. But how many are really prepared to know the truth? How many people are really prepared to get rid of their illusions of a pretty life and just face the truth that lies before their naked eyes? How many people are prepared to give up their cesspool of beautiful lies and shower in the truth about themselves? Not everyone is prepared to do so. The truth is not for everyone.

But as an ending note i will say this. Honesty is never overrated. In the long run honesty is the best policy, simply because it is much2 harder to live a lie than to die with the truth. A small lie goes a long way and someday, that lie will come back to haunt us and then we will be paying our dues. But as with anything else, there is a technique with telling the truth. And also, remember, the truth is not for everyone. Perhaps in certain situations, we are doing them a bigger favor by not destroying their illusion.

But by all means, an honest man is a good man. Tell a truth today. If you can't lie and live with the lie till the end, then maybe it's a good idea not to lie at all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The birthday syndrome

Why do people love their birthday? Why do people celebrate their anniversary of life?

Why do people feel special on this day?

Why not feel special everyday?

Everyone is unique and quirky in their own way anyway. So why not feel unique everyday?

Why only feel good on your birthday?

Til now I don't know why...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Father's Chair

There's a few chairs in my living room in Malaysia.

There's one 'triple sofa' and one 'double sofa'.

And there's one single sofa. I called it my father's chair. Reason being that in that living room, that was his place. That was his seat in my home. 

I've never sat in that chair...

I never knew why I never did. A lot of people have sat in that chair aside from my dad. 

Friends, cousins, even my siblings. I don't know about my mum though. I don't remember her ever sitting there. 

But I've never sat on that chair. I've never sat on my father's seat.... 

I wouldn't call it a throne. It's not different from the other sofas. 

It was the same level, the same colour, the same design, same cushions, it pretty much resembles all the other chairs there. 

But I've never sat on it....

His presence wasn't the reason. I never sat there even when he wasn't at home. 

Neither was it his command, his wish or instruction. He never forbade any of us sitting there. 

And it was definitely not my mum's instruction either. She never forbade any of us sitting there. 

So at the end of the day, I still wonder. Why in thirteen years I lived there, I've never sat at that one spot. 

But little did I know, my father and myself were not that different. 

Turns out, he never sat on his father's chair either. 

His father's rocking chair in front of the TV. While his father was alive, my father never sat on that chair either. 

I think he never knew the answer then, but I'm sure he understood now why he never sat there before. 

Would I one day find a similar answer?

Only time would tell, why I never sat on my father's chair.